The Apollo Gobo Tool Kit

The Apollo Gobo Tool Kit
  • Manufacturer: Apollo Design Technology
The purpose of the Apollo Gobo Took Kit is to train and educate. It introduces the basics of using gobos to create visual effects in general stage lighting applications.

(24) B-Round Metal Standards
(1) B-Round B and W Glass Standard
(1) Apollo SuperHolder(TM)
(1) Creative Effects Guide
(1) Instructional DVD
(1) 2010 Resource CD

Gobos Included in the Gobo Tool Kit: (by Category and type)

* Metal Gobos- Breakup
MS-1027 Foliage Breakup
MS-1040 Breakup Twig
MS-2136 Floating Dots
MS-2219 Back Stabber
MS-2259 Giraffe 2

* Metal Gobos- Foliage
MS-1031 Tree
MS-3569 Budding Branches Thick
MS-1045 Foliage Natural
MS-3564 Intertwined Leaves
MS-1014 Foliage Ivy Reversed

* Metal Gobos- Clouds
MS-1116 High Clouds
MS-1138 Stacked Clouds
MS-1106 Clouds Night Sky

* Metal Gobos- Fire/Flame/Water
MS-2154 Full Flames
MS-2448 Breakup Camp Fire

* Metal Gobos- Stars
MS-1091 Starry Night
MS-1078 Galaxy Stars

* Metal Gobos- Weather Elements
MS-1036 Blizzard
MS-1131 Sun
MS-1140 Lightning

* Metal Gobos- Windows
MS-6001 Window Plain
MS-2330 Bars
MS-6011 Window French Bay
MS-6038 City Night Lights

* Black and White Glass Gobo
- SR-1009 Moon Natural
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