The Apollo Apprentice Gel Kit

The Apollo Apprentice Gel Kit
  • Item #: AC-GEL-KIT
  • Manufacturer: Apollo Design Technology
The purpose of the Apollo Gel Apprentice Kit is to train and educate. It simplifies the color selection process for beginning students, educators in lighting programs, and theater and architectural consultants.

The Kit comes with:
(75) 20" x 24" sheets (3 sheets of each specific colors)
(1) Apollo Gel Pen
(1) 2013 Resource CD
(1) Apollo Gel Swatchbook
(1) Instructional DVD

Gel's Included in the Apprentice Kit: (divided by Color type)

- AP7050 Fatherless Amber
- AP7900 Kiss Me Tint
- AP7630 Peach My Interest
- AP7250 Nude Gold
- AP8600 Cotton Candy Pink
- AP6600 Harvest Gold
- AP7100 Hot Cocoa

- AP4150 New York Blue
- AP2000 Apollo Blue Full CTB
- AP4500 Ozone Blue
- AP4350 Sultry Blue

- AP3200 Submissive Lavender
- AP3250 Dominant Lavender
- AP4650 Crisp Blue

- AP8350 Bludgeon Red
- AP4250 Apollo Blue
- AP5400 Rock 'n Roll Green
- AP7350 Fools Gold Amber

- AP3800 Cowboys and Indigo
- AP8250 Vixen Red
- AP5500 Neptune Blue Green
- AP8750 Hot Pink
- AP7750 Sailors Delight Orange
- AP6150 Yellow Snow

- AP1650 Light Textured Diffusion
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