Strand Selecon Pacific Series Zoom Fixtures

Strand Selecon Pacific Series Zoom Fixtures
  • Item #: 18PAC####/##
  • Manufacturer: Strand Lighting

A wide range of axial ellipsoidals delivering a "cool" beam of light. This family of products delivers a crisp "white" light with little or no distortion, ideal for gobo projection and precise beam shaping. The Pacific family of fixtures is energy efficient with active heat management system that delivers longer life for filters and shutters.

With Selecon's Universal lamphouse the Pacific is a truly universal profile, be it for a very short throw very wide angle (90 degree) beam with a long life lamp source for architectural applications (CDM) or for the longest arena throws using the Pacific 5.5-13 degree Zoomspot with MSR or lower voltage tungsten light source.

* The Universal Lamp housing allows for the interchangeability of all 12 lens tube options (fixed and Zoomspot.)
* Cool "white" light. Over 80% of the heat is removed from the light beam by a cold mirror and dissipated through the heatsink
* Automatic disconnection of power on removal of the lamp module. This important safety feature prevents a student or technician from inserting a lamp into an electrically live fixture
* Base down lamp mounted axially in the reflector to maximize light collection
* Accurate, simple and cool to use adjustments
* Two gobo/iris mounting positions

* Zoomspot are available in 45-75, 23-50, 14-35, 12-28, 7.5-19, 5.5-13 degree versions, and feature rotatable lens tubes

* Choice of Incandescent lamp modules- 575/750w or 1000w models.

Lamp options: GLC (575w), GLA (575w), GLD (750w), GLE (750w long life), or GAC 1000w BP

For Other Lamp Module Options: MSR, CST, CDM/CMH Call the shop at 215-627-1225 x2 or email us at for Pricing and Options.

Fixture comes with: color frame, heat sink guard, safety cable, pipe clamp (C-Clamp), and instruction leaflet

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Price $499.00

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