Strand Basic Palette II console

Strand Basic Palette II console
  • Item #: 92800
  • Manufacturer: Strand Lighting

Clean, elegant, and very, very powerful, the Strand Basic Palette II Console is a thoroughbred. With 100 channels, a single playback and 16 submasters, this lighting control console will eat up complex shows!

* PaletteOS Windows XP Embedded operating system
* High-resolution Graphical User Interface with Mouse
* Up to 2000 cues per show
* Hard disk cue storage
* USB Key Library storage
* Strand ShowNet standard on all systems with over 18,000 DMX outputs
* Network support for a wide range of Ethernet data protocols including ShowNet, streaming ACN, ArtNet, Pathway and Colorkinetics networks
* Automated lighting control with fixture library
* Up to 26 part cues
* Multiple effects playbacks
* Tracking or whole cue operation
* Low profile "easy touch" bump buttons
* Updated Light Palette style encoder wheel
* Optional second video display
* Wired and wireless focus remote options
* Windows Off-line Editor
* Dual memory playbacks
* Palette II Basic memory desk features 16 Submasters with 10 pages of sub assignments
* Supplied with 100 control channels standard

Max Channel Number can be upgraded. Contact the shop at 215-627-1225 x2 or email us at to inquire about channel upgrade options and prices.

Console comes with Palette keyboard, mouse, dust cover, USB key, power cord, and printed manual.

DOES NOT include Monitor.

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Price $6,999.99

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