Stipple Sponges: Stippling Sponge

Stipple Sponges: Stippling Sponge
  • Item #: NS/FNS-
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Use these sponges to add texture to makeup. Cut the 3" x 4" block into small sections, and trim edges to avoid harsh lines.

Fine Pore Stipple Sponges are great for applying realistic fine detailing -- subtle age effects such as liver spots or broken capillaries, stubble beard or prosthetic textures.

Medium Pore Stipple Sponges are great used with latex, waxes, cremes and bloods to create beard stubble, bruising and road rash textures.


Available Options:
FNS-1 Single Block of Fine Pore
FNS-2 A Dozen Blocks of Fine Pore
NS-1 Single Block of Medium Pore
NS-2 A Dozen Blocks of Medium Pore
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