Setwear iPad Hands-Free Radio Chest Pouch

Setwear iPad Hands-Free Radio Chest Pouch
  • Item #: SW-05-539
  • Manufacturer: Setwear
All the great features of our original Radio Chest Pack, with the bonus of being able to protect, carry, and use your iPad hands-free.

• 8” tall x 8.5” wide.
• Easy one quick release buckle and your in or your out.
• 2” nylon shoulder straps for added comfort.
• Two flap over storage compartments to keep your items close to your chest and also a pen/pencil slot in the middle. This slot also holds a size AAA mini mag-lite.
• Tri-Ring adjustment strap system for all shapes and sizes.
• Strong durable construction

Approx 9"x8.5"
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Price $39.99
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