Selador Vertical Spread Lens

Selador Vertical Spread Lens
  • Item #: SELLV##
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls
The Selador Fixture has a natural beam spread of approx 12 degrees. So for those occasions when you need to cover large areas with light, such as a Cyclorama, ETC has added 2 lens lots in front of the unit so you can change this beam spread.

They have both Horizontal and Vertical Spread Lenses- 2 slots means you get a horizontal and a vertical lens for each unit so you get the desired spread in both directions.

They offer them in 10 degree increments starting at 20 degrees and ending at 80 degrees.

They come in two sizes: 10.5" or 21"... so if you have the 11" Selador fixtures you want to get the 10.5", if you have any other the larger sizes then the 21" lens would be a better choice.
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