Rouge Brushes

Rouge Brushes
  • Item #: RB
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
The Rouge Brushes:

- Personal Rouge Brush (Short Handle) -
Full Bristled, short handled personal size rouge brush
RB - 11
(Made with Goat)

- Professional -
Generous, full shape provides quick application of powders to face and body
RB - 2
(Made with Goat Blend)

- Touch-Up -
Beveled shape for precise powder application, especially useful around eye areas
RB - 3
(Made with Goat Blend)

- Angle Contour -
Great for touch-ups and precise application of face powders, glitters, rouge or shadows
RB - 4
(Made with Goat Blend)

- Contour Shader -
Generous precise application of rouge, pressed contour powders and shimmer powders
RB - 5
(Made with Goat Blend)

Ben Nye has replaced the many of their older Rouge Brushes. They are simlar styles but with slighly different dimensions and the brush material has changed.
RB-152 Rouge Brush replaces the Old RB-2
RB-153 Finishing Brush replaces the old RB-3
RB-154 Angle Shader replaces the old RB-4
RB-155 Angle Contour brush replaces the old RB-5
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