Roscolux Gel Filter Sheets

Roscolux Gel Filter Sheets
  • Item #: Roslux
  • Manufacturer: Rosco Laboratories, Inc.

Most of the colors in the Rosco range have been created by designers over the years to achieve specific effects and the range is extensive. By additive mixing using multiple sources and by using multiple filters in units, a virtually unlimited palette can be achieved.

Rosco gel filters and gels for lighting are used for color correction, color diffusion, and for the creation of color effects. Rosco gel filters and lighting gels are perfect for enhancing set design and creating moods and effects with standard lights. These gel filters are long lasting and formulated to hold up against high temperatures.

Rosco gel filters (gels for lighting) vary in durability—the life of a color filter depends on several different variables: the filter color, the lamp or lighting instrument you’re using, and the amount of time you choose to run your light. While the exact life of a Rosco gel filter is impossible to predict, dark green and blue gels for lighting absorb the most infrared energy and generally burn out the fastest—the plastics reach melting temperature quicker. If you wish to prolong the life of your Rosco Gel filter, keep your ellipsoidal aligned in a flat focus to remove hot spots. In extreme cases, we recommend Rosco Heat Shield/Thermashield to prolong filter life. Contact us to learn more about Rosco gel filter specifics.

Rosco gels and filter sheets create color by subtracting certain color wavelengths. For example, red filters absorb blue and green colors, allowing only red wavelengths to pass through. As a caution, we recommend never allowing your gels for lighting to be placed directly in front of an open faced lamp—be sure to allow for an air gap to prevent heat from becoming trapped against your filters and ensure their longevity.

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Standard Sheet Size is 20" x 24"
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