Rosco iPro Image Projector

Rosco iPro Image Projector
  • Item #: 265 25100 0120
  • Manufacturer: Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
Rosco's iPro Image Projector system offers an easy, inexpensive solution for projecting photographic quality images in a theatrical environment. The system consists of the iPro Projector, a precisely engineered accessory which fits the iris slot of most modern spotlights, and the iPro slides. iPro slides can be chosen from the array of library images available or can even be prepared in your own facility on an ink jet printer. The iPro fits as an accessory into the iris slot of a typical ETC Source Four, Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL, or Selecon Pacific light fixture. Fitted with an iPro slide, the iPro delivers bright, visible full-color images that will last between 15 and 50 hours.
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