Rosco X-Effects Projector

Rosco X-Effects Projector
  • Item #: RXEPROJ
  • Manufacturer: Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
The X-Effects Projector provides large scale 3-D effects previously unavailable to lighting designers. The device utilizes a 200-watt Enhanced Metal Arc source, whose short arc allows for an output of 5000 lumens, and a 7000 hour lamp life. The color temperature is similar to a Xenon source at 6000 degrees K, but with nearly two times the luminous effectiveness (or efficacy). The effect itself is created by rotating two "X" size glass gobos off-center of the optical path. This results in a projection that does not appear to have a visible direction or pattern. Onboard potentiometers control the speed and direction of both gobos. The newer X24 model is more durable than its predecessors. The X-Effects projector is available in two configurations. For theatrical entertainment lighting, specify the model with DMX on board. Using five DmX channels, the unit has full control of effect gobo, lamp strike and light output. For retail or museum displays, where DMX is not usually required, specify the analog model. All units are equipped with a lamp and a customer-chosen lens train.
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