Rosco SimpleSpin Dual Gobo Rotator

Rosco SimpleSpin Dual Gobo Rotator
  • Item #: Rosco SimpleSpin
  • Manufacturer: Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
A basic, double gobo rotator that is heavily laden with features for an affordable price.

On-board controls allow you to control the speed and direction of the gobos, or with flick of a switch, the Simple Spin can be electronically controlled by plugging it into a dimmer. The robust, on-board, 100-240v power supply eliminates the transformer found on other similar rotators and allows it to be used seamlessly, all over the globe.
Combined with features like absolute silent rotation, Rosco’s unique Channel Lock that holds the rotator in place inside the iris slot, a threaded Teflon collar that allows for easy installation of thin steel and thick glass 86mm gobos and electronic controls and stepper motors that ensure the gobo rotates at speeds as fast as 24 RPM and as slow as 1/3 RPM without stalling. The Rosco Simple Spin has been value engineered to offer spectacular performance at an affordable price.

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