Rosco REVOPRO Programmable Dual Indexing Gobo Rotator

Rosco REVOPRO Programmable Dual Indexing Gobo Rotator
  • Item #: Rosco RevoPro
  • Manufacturer: Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
The Rosco RevoPRO was designed for customers that need to have a programmed rotator, but don’t have the capability to run DMX on the job site.

With its on-board control system and built-in power supply, the RevoPRO not only comes with 99 pre-programmed effects, but also the ability to program a specific effect using on-board controls, without a DMX console or external PSU.
The RevoPRO can also be controlled via DMX and offers complete control over both motors, including: speed, direction and even 8 bit and 16 bit indexing on BOTH rotators, plus it’s got seven DMX control modes – allowing you to create expensive ‘moving-light’ rotation effects using an affordable gobo rotator.

Combined with features like absolute silent rotation, Rosco’s unique Channel Lock that holds the rotator in place inside the iris slot, a threaded Teflon collar that allows for easy installation of thin steel and thick glass 86mm gobos and electronic controls and stepper motors that ensure the gobo rotates at speeds as fast as 24 RPM and as slow as 1/3 RPM without stalling. The Rosco RevoPRO is designed for customers looking to rotate gobos in themed and retail store environments or create lighting effects for special events.

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Price $560.00

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