Rosco Mini-V Fog Machine

Rosco Mini-V Fog Machine
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  • Manufacturer: Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
Mini-V The most affordable and compact fog machine in the range, the Mini-V delivers a powerful, continuous stream of professional-quality fog. The Mini-V's small design and energy-efficient, durable heat exchanger make it a perfect choice for mobile users or applications that lack the space for a larger fog generator.

Simple functions mean easy operation, no hassles and solid reliability. The Mini-V heats quickly and delivers a solid stream of fog, triggered by an on/off rocker switch. No training is required for assistants, students, technicians or engineers - just press and hold to make fog. This light-weight unit is easily transported to any location that needs a professional-grade fog machine - making the Mini-V ideally suited for photographers, mobile DJs and event planners. The Mini-V fits comfortably into standard duct work, making it an excellent choice for industrial applications, such as HVAC testing.

The Mini-V is designed to use Rosco's entire range of Academy Award® Winning fog fluids that have been used and approved by professionals in every market.

Rosco Vapour machines has been tested for use in professional theatrical productions and is included under the Equipment-Based Guidelines of the Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds. Rosco Vapour machines are also compliant with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Safety Bulletin #10.

Mini-V Specifications:
Wattage: 1000W

Power Requirements: 9.1A at 110 VAC/60hz

Output: 1 Liter/Hour Fluid Consumption

Control: On/Off Remote with Magnetic Case And 10' (3m) cable

Dimensions: 16in x 7.5in x 8.2in 406mm x 191mm x 209mm

Weight: 11.9 lbs (5.4 kg)

Housing: Rugged 12g steel case
Chip resistant powder-coated paint
Hard point attachments for hanging brackets

Approvals: CE
ETL / cETL pending
Listed for use by Actor's Equity
AMPTP Safety Bulletin #10 compliant
RoHS Compliant

Warranty: 1 Year

This Model is built for 120V input. If 100V or 240 V model is needed please contact us directly at
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