Rosco ColorWaves Glass Gobo

Rosco ColorWaves Glass Gobo
  • Item #: RCWGG
  • Manufacturer: Rosco Laboratories, Inc.
Rosco's ColorWaves are a new idea in glass gobos to help create vibrant colored textures and shapes. Each glass texture, Waves, Strands, Ripple or Mosaic, is coated in one of five brilliant dichroic colors. The projection is remarkable and unique combination of color, texture, shading, and blending. ColorWaves are recommended for use in moving lights with lamps up to 1200 watts and in ellipsoidal fixtures with lamps up to 600 watts, though short term use with lamps up to 750 watts may be acceptable. ColorWaves require the use of the Universal Iris Slot Holder. ColorWaves are available in standard B Size or in smaller sizes for automated luminaires by special order. Waves, Ripple, and Strands designs are available in X Size for use in the Rosco X-Effects Projector.

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