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Rosco Breakaways

Rosco Breakaways

Plastic breakaway stage bottles shatter realistically and are specifically packages to assure they are delivered intact. These stage bottles are available realistic breakaway wine, beer or whiskey varieties, in green or amber. Shipped in set of 6 bottles with labels for customization.

  • Price: $127.50

At Philadelphia Theatrical Supply, we specialize in providing a number of staples in the realm of theatrical props and stage props that convincingly create the illusion of reality. From lifelike icicles and snow that looks, falls and blows like the real thing to flame torches that are amazingly real, we have the theatrical props that complete the realism of your onstage or venue theatrical scene environment. In addition to various sizes of environmentally-safe “snowflakes,” you are assured of enough quantity within each order to keep the snow coming down to meet the requirements of most scenes.

Realism and safety must go hand in hand, so we provide the industry’s best plastic breakaway bottles that have the look and sound of the real thing. We can also provide theatrical Props for those realistic flicker candles, candelabras and lamps that look and respond like the real thing while remaining perfectly safe.