Neutralizers & Concealers

Neutralizers & Concealers
  • Item #: BNNC
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Ben Nye's Comprehensive collection of neutralizers and concealers let you blend away imperfections such as tattoos, birthmarks, and blemishes.

Expect 50-200 Applications.

Series Descriptions:

Mellow Yellow-
Cover redness with Ben Nye's four intensely pigmented neutralizing shades. Effectively conceal red-hued blemishes, scars, capillaries, and tattoos.

Red Neutralizers-
Specifically designed to cancel intense red due to bruising, acne, birthmarks, or capillaries. Use before base as a facial corrector or blend with other neutralizers.

Mellow Orange-
Exceptional shades to neutralize blue-greens including veins, tattoos, bruises, and deep under-eye discolorations.

Blue Neutralizers-
Conceal blue-hued discolorations such as veins, tattoos, bruises, and deep under-eye circles with this unique palette.

Tattoo Cover-
Distinctive shades to cover tattoos and other deep discolorations. Formulated with highest pigmentation for maximum coverage.

Five O'Sharp-
Conceal blue-black beard shadows with these specialty cover-ups. May be applied beneath or over foundation tone. Also effective at concealing deep discolorations including black eyes or intense under-eye discoloration.

Coverette Cover-up-
Often recommended by doctors and "camouflage" artists to cover scar tissue, birthmarks, vitiligo, and post-op skin discoloration. Blends easily on most skin tones.

Special Dark Highlights-
Specially crafted for olive and brown skin tones to conceal discoloration and naturally highlight beauty and character designs.
NOTE- This line of colors has been Replaced with the Mojave Creme Concealer series

Special Yellow Highlight No.1 -
Versatile shade to blend with other creme products, lightens without "graying". Attractive highlighting shade.

Special Green Concealer No.1 -
A must for blending to diminish deepest red flaws or to enhance effectiveness of other neutralizing shades.
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