Mojave Matte HD Foundations

Mojave Matte HD Foundations
  • Item #: BN MH
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Mojave Matte Foundations are designed in 12 subtle, nuanced shades with warm and golden undertones. Its light texture offers sheer to moderate coverage, and sets with minimum powder. Picture perfect for print, fashion and Hi Def broadcast.

Colors Available:
MH-02 Almond
MH-04 Pecan
MH-06 Praline
MH-07 Rio Tan
MH-08 Golden Spice MH-10 Coco Sorbet
MH-11 Brazil Nut
MH-12 Mojave Bronze
MH-14 Brown Suede
MH-16 Semi-Sweet
MH-18 Coco Soufflé
MH-20 Espresso Bean
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