Mini Shoebox 410

Mini Shoebox 410
  • Item #: DM-410- ---
  • Manufacturer: Dove Systems

The Dimmermaster 410 30 Amp shoebox trussmount dimmer is a very compact unit with four 1000W dimmers. It may be pipe or tree mounted and is perfect for tight spaces where conventional dimmer packs are too bulky.

The unit accepts either DMX-512 or 0 to +10VDC control signals (the standard unit accepts DMX-512. It can be switched to 0 to +10V control as a factory option). The starting channel is set on a thumbwheel switch, which also provides load testing and local control. A status LED indicates the presence of a DMX control signal.

With both male and female XLR connectors, the control signal may be daisy-chained from pack to pack.

The DM-410 gets its power from a single standard 30 Amp wall outlet, and has a maximum total capacity of 3.6 kW.

Outlet Options:
Edison - (15A U Ground)(SUG)
Stage Pin - (20A)(SSP)

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