Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ™ Palettes

  • Item #: 808
  • Manufacturer: Mehron Makeup
Mehron's Paradise AQ colors in convenient color matched palettes. Application: Paradise is activated with a small amount of water. Moisten the sponge or brush and work the surface of the cake into a rich spreadable cream. Some colors require a little more water, some a little less. Remove with soap and water.

Available in a basic color, pastel color, tropical color, nuace, or metallic color configuration.

Colors in each palette are:

Black, White, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Orange.

Light Pink, Light Green, Light Brown, Light Blue, Dark Pink, Purple, Violet, and Teal.

Beach Berry, Amazon Green, Lagoon Blue, Lime, Mango, Coral, Storm Cloud, and Wild Orchid.

Felou, Deep Sea, Sky, Dijon, Olive, Foxy, Porto, and Mauve.

Gold Medal, Silver Bullet, Copper Penny, Copper Star, Hot Rod Green, Cherry Bomb Red, Sunset Orange, and Blue Steel.
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