Mehron Glosstone Pro

Mehron Glosstone Pro
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  • Manufacturer: Mehron Makeup
Glosstone Pro by Mehron is a new proprietary blend of rich, healing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, infused with specially made color pigments for a sheer glow with vibrant shades. Glosstone Pro adds a pure glossy glow to your lips which highlights the beauty of all skin tones. Glosstone Pro is available in six sheer, vibrant shades to add a distinctive glow and shine to your lips. Glosstone Pro will also heal and protect your lips and skin from environmental and oxidation damage caused by pollution and the sun. The current Glosstone Pro shades are (as seen from left to right): Bubble Gum Sparkle, Golden Sparkle, Pink Crush, Coral Reef, Red Kiss, and Crystal Clear.
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