Mega Sidearm

Mega Sidearm
  • Item #: MSAB##
  • Manufacturer: The Light Source
The Mega-Sidearm has a "One size fits all!" versatility. The length of the Mega-Sidearm can be adjusted by pressing the locking button into it's recess, twisting the outer pipe slightly, and then sliding the outer pipe to the length desired. The Mega-Sidearm adjusts in length anywhere from 14" to 24", in 2" increments. Twist the outer pipe so that the locking button lines up with the desired hole and then lock it into position. There is some rocking play on the adjustable Mega-Sidearms. (Use the fixed length Mega-Sidearms when this is critical.) Up to 2 fixtures may be clamped directly to the Mega-Sidearmâ??s adjustable 1-1/4" outer pipe (1.66" OD). Dimensions 16" to 26" long x 2" tall x 4-1/4" across Safe Vertical Working Load 150 Pound @ 24" length Black Anodized Color. Available Options: 14"-24" Adjustable Length Fixed Lengths: 12", 18", 24", 30", 36"
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