Mega-Handle Square Wrench

Mega-Handle Square Wrench
  • Item #: MQM
  • Manufacturer: The Light Source
The Mega-Handle Square Wrench is one of those little gadgets that is great for people with small lighting inventories or event companies who are constantly moving their rigs to various venues.

This simple little tool is made to attach onto the Pipe Clamps Square headed bolt (the one you tighten to attach the C-Clamp to the Pipe.) Ideally its a permanent addition to the Pipe Clamp (C-Clamp) itself so that its always on the clamp so you never have to carry a conventional wrench to tighten the clamp down.

To permanently attach the Mega-Handle Wrench you first have to unscrew the Pipe Clamp's 1/2" Square handled bolt. Then you slip on the Mega-Handle Wrench onto the Bolt so that the cloverleaf goes first so that when the Mega-Handle is all the way at the Square handle of the bold the Cloverleaf grabs the bolt head for a snug grip. Then just re-screw in the Square Bolt into the Pipe Clamp and voila you now have a permanent way to tighten down the Clamp to your mounting Pipe.
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