Littlite X-4 Series - 4 Pin Straight XLR Goosenecks

Littlite X-4 Series - 4 Pin Straight XLR Goosenecks
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  • Manufacturer: Littlite
Littlite X-4 Series console lights feature the Littlite LLX, straight 4-Pin XLR style connector and are fully compatable with all major sound and lighting consoles with a dedicated XLR task light connector.

Goosenecks are available in LED, Halogen and Incandescent models in your choice of six, twelve or eighteen-inch goosenecks.

Model Info:

LED Gooseneck with 4-pin XLR connector. Available in 12 or 18-inch gooseneck length. Light output is white.

High Intensity (5-Watt halogen) gooseneck lamp for use with any standard 4-PIN XLR connector.Available with six, twelve or eighteen-inch gooseneck.

Littlite X-4 Series Low Intensity (2.4 Watt Incandescent)light with straight 4-Pin XLR connector for use with a XLR task light connector. Available with six, twelve or eighteen-inch gooseneck.

All Models Littlite’s new proprietary LLX connector.

Note: Consoles require a dedicated 12-volt task light connector for use of this product. Light will not operate on a phantom powered mic input!

Note: Littlite does make a specific 4 pin straight XLR Gooseneck for the Midas Venice Console- If you have that console and want a littlite for it please call us at 215-627-1225 x 2 or email us at for pricing and availability.
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