Light Pack Indvidual 120V Dimmers

Light Pack Indvidual 120V Dimmers
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  • Manufacturer: Strand Lighting
Now you can have our most advanced IGBT dimming technology in the palm of your hand. The new 750 watt and 1200 watt Light Pack individual dimmers provide the ultimate in control fl exibility, allowing you to have a dimmer right at your light source wherever and whenever you need it. Quiet and reliable Light Pack features easy to use DMX addressing and plug and play DMX In/Out connectivity. All Light Packs are convection cooled and very quiet so they can be placed anywhere. A wide range of hangers makes mounting your Light Pack a snap. * Quiet IGBT Dimming Technology * Fully short circuit protected * DMX In/Out * Local Control for easy set up * 800μs transition time * Forward or reverse phase operation * Integrates with all Strand Dimming Systems * UL cUL listed
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