Leviton N7008 8/16 Console

Leviton N7008 8/16 Console
  • Item #: N7008-D00
  • Manufacturer: Leviton

8 x 8 individual control channels in two scene mode

16 individual control channels and 8 flash memory scenes in wide mode

8 individual control channels and 8 user programmable memory scenes in memory mode

* Two user programmable 32 step chase patterns
* Tap sync button allows chase rate to be adjusted "on the fly"
* Dual split dipless cross faders allow even fades from scene to scene
* Channel bump buttons can be used to raise an individual control channel level to full or in wide mode can act as a flash memory scene
* Master level slider used to proportionally vary the intensity of the console's current output levels
* Blackout button
*NSI Microplex and DMX outputs

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