Leviton ML16 Moving Light Controller

Leviton ML16 Moving Light Controller
  • Item #: MLC16
  • Manufacturer: Leviton

The MLC 16D accomodates any DMX512-capable device offering the user the versatility to easily control moving fixtures, dimmers, relays and fog machines.

* Controls 16 Intelligent Devices
* 512 Control Channels
* Up to 800 Step Memory
* 96 Total Programmable Memory Patterns
* 24 Scene Access Buttons
* Two Line by 40 Character Liquid Crystal Display
* On-board Library of Popular Intelligent Lighting Device Definitions
* MIDI with Editing Capability
* 3.5 Floppy Disk Drive (optional)
* DMX512 Digital Control (5-pin XLR), RS232 Input/Output Port, and DMX input

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