Leprecon ULD W-DMX High Power Dimmer Packs

Leprecon ULD W-DMX High Power Dimmer Packs
  • Item #: ULD W-DMX High Power
  • Manufacturer: Leprecon
Leprecon has gone wireless! The industry leaders in tree-mount dimming (Leprecon) and wireless DMX (Wireless Solutions) bring you a portable dimmer with more features and reliability than anything on the market. Using Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) technology, the built-in receiver continually check for interference, rapidly scanning and moving signal to clear radio channel ensuring smooth, efficient and robust operation. The High Power Model utilizes 2 - 15 Amp Edison plug to connect to power, and provides a maximum overall wattage allowance per pack of 3600W at 120V. Features include: - 4 & 6 channel models - 3600 Total Wattage. - 15 amp, 3600W w/Nema 5-15 power plugs, ETL listed - Stage-pin, Edison. - LED Display - 4 programmable output settings per channel: Linear, non-dim, fluorescent, or fixed intensity - Over-temp/Over-volt protection - 25 amp SSR power devices for reliability - Encapsulated chokes for quiet operation - Built-in mounting bracket

The W-DMX system uses a 2.4 ghz radio signal to transmit DMX data. Spread-spectrum transmission (AFHSS) technology prevents interference with the DMX signal from other radio devices.

Range for the W-DMX is approximately 2300 feet using the standard antenna with a clear line-of-sight. The signal will penetrate walls and other barriers, but the signal level will be reduced. Human bodies will block the signal, so it is best to locate the transmitter and receiver above audience areas.

The ULD dimmer is designed to receive data from any of the W-DMX transmitters. A system is complete when the receiver is 'linked' to a specific transmitter. Establishing this 'link' allows many receivers to be controlled by a single transmitter, and also allows multiple transmitters to be used in the same area, each controlling specific receivers.

Notes: * The ULD W-DMX dimmers come with everything a regular DMX ULD dimmer packs includes and also has a built in Wirelesss W-DMX reciever card w/ external antenna.
* Leprecon W-DMX dimmers are compatible with other W-DMX equipment that uses components from Wireless Systems.
* You need a W-DMX Wireless Transmitter to utilize the W-DMX capabilities of these ULD dimmer packs.
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