Hui Worklight Flood

Hui Worklight Flood
  • Item #: 12HUIWK
  • Manufacturer: Strand Lighting
For overstage, rehearsal lighting the HUI Work Light provides a compact 90 degree flood beam. The fixture is fitted with a wire safety mesh instead of safety glass which allows the air flow system to work in any position for extended operating hours. *Re-lamp without having to break focus * Integral micro-switch provides automatic disconnection of power to the fixture when removing the lamp module, preventing a student or technician inserting a lamp into an electrically live fixture * Mesh safety screen ensures that in the unlikely event of a lamp exploding that the remains are held captive within the fixture * Shape the beam and contain glare with the fourdoor barndoor accessory ? fits all models (sold separately) Lamp Options: EHM (300w), EHZ (300w) Maximum wattage possible for Fixture is 500w. Fixture comes with pipe clamp (C-Clamp) and instruction leaflet.
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