Hair Color

Hair Color
  • Item #: HW HG HI MB DG TH AH BH
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Ben Nye, Sr. pioneered Silver Grey Hair Color and it still has the right balance between silver and grey, appearing realistic for stage and film.
Apply with a toothbrush, and style easily without stiffness.

Expect 3-10 applications per ounce.

Available Hair Colors:
Silver Grey- Realistic slivery-grey age tone with subtle metallic highlights
Dark Grey- a true deep grey
Taupe- subtle neutral brown adds dramatic contrast to white and grey hair
Auburn- rich, warm red-brown tone
Dark Brown- rich, natural dark brown for blending or an all-over change
Ivory- Similar to Snow White but made to be applied to Darker hair to create the same effect as it helps to eliminate the "blue cast" that some dark hair garnered when using the Snow White color
Snow White- use to age dark brown or black hair or streak into Silver Grey or Dark Grey to brighten highlights
Midnite Black- Completely blackens hair for dramatic effects (Caution: black hair coloring may smudge. Avoid contact with hands and costuming).

Silver Grey, Ivory, and Snow White available in 1, 2, 8, and 16 fl oz sizes.
Midnite Black available in 1, 2, and 8 fl oz sizes.
Dark Grey, Taupe, Auburn, and Dark Brown available in 2 fl oz size only.
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