Glassless Rolling Stand Mirror - Horiztonal

Glassless Rolling Stand Mirror - Horiztonal
  • Item #: #x# RFS-HZ
  • Manufacturer: Mirrorlite
MirrorliteĀ® Horizontal Rolling Glassless Mirror is a lightweight, shatterproof free standing mirror that eliminates the need to mount to a wall. Aluminum stands with plastic end caps, commercial grade office chair casters and mounting hardware included. Rolling mirror can be easily rolled out the way into a storage area. Easy assembly.

The Rolling Mirror Horizontal has the longer side being the Horizontal length, so a 6' x 4' would mean the Mirror surface would be 6' wide by 4' high.

Available sizes:
6' x 4'
8' x 4'
6' x 5'
8' x 5'
8' x 6'
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Price $500.00
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