GAMFloor - 1/2 Roll

GAMFloor - 1/2 Roll
  • Item #: VFG
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
Durable, flexible, and available in a variety of colors. It is durable, can last for months and it is expendable-easy to remove when you are done with it.

EASY TO INSTALL - JUST PEEL AND STICK! The 4 mil thick vinyl finish is dyed through and through. Glosses are much shinier and matte finishes are much softer than you can achieve with any paint. Cleans up easily.

EASY TO REMOVE- PEEL UP AND TOSS! Lay down 1000 square feet in about half an hour. As soon as you put it down, it is ready to walk on. When you are done, peel it up and toss it! In about 10 minutes you've restored the studio.

One layer of GAMFLOOR will cover any color. No drying time, no second coat of paint, no messy clean-up, no smell, no waiting time to walk on the floor. Can be applied to concrete, vinyl, wood, painted surfaces, glass, plaster and more. You can apply to vertical or horizontal surfaces. Any floor, any wall, anywhere!

Half Rolls are 48" x 50'

Available Colors:
- Gloss Clear
- Gloss Bright White
- Studio Gloss Gray
- Gloss Soft Black
- Gloss Bright Yellow
- Gloss Red Carpet
- Gloss Forest Green
- Gloss Deep Blue
- Matte Clear
- Matte Flat White
- Matte Flat Gray
- Matte Soft Black
- Matte Green (Chromakey)
- Pewter
- Matte Golden Bronze
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