GAMColor Filter Rolls

GAMColor Filter Rolls
  • Item #: GC#- GAM COLOR
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
GamColor, deep dyed polyester color, is a superior color filter medium for use with all types of lights. Because it is deep dyed, the color will not scratch off the surface and is optically clear. The clear polyester base is highly resistant to tears, punctures, cracking and deterioration in high heat applications. The dyes used to produce GamColor are the most stable and heat resistant available. The chemical process ensures that the colors will be clean and clear with excellent transmission and consistency. GamColor quality control includes constant monitoring, from raw material to finished product.
The GamColor system divides the visible spectrum into nine color sections convenient to the lighting designer. It is a circular classification of colors by hue, referencing the primaries, secondaries and important subdivisions.
GamColors are numbered in color sections as follows: 100-Magenta 200-Red 300-Orange 400-Yellow 500-Yellow Green 600-Green 700-Blue Green 800-Blue 900-Violet

Options for Roll Sizes:
- 24" x 50' - 48" x 25'
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