GAM Twinspin

GAM Twinspin
  • Item #: TS557#
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
The GAM TwinSpin™ features ultra quiet operation. It is designed to rotate two patterns in opposite directions in the gate of an ellipsoidal spotlight, creating fantastic kinetic images. The variable speed motor drive can be controlled by almost any dimmer. TwinSpin™ may be programmed from your light board and operated as part of a light cue.

* Speed control from your light board
* New drive has 'front-of-house' quietness!
* Fits the iris slot of most ellipsoidal fixtures
* Control with most dimmers, needs no special cables
* New wide speed range 0.3 to 10.0 rpm
* Use glass or steel patterns

* Rotate one pattern, what you see is what you get!
* Spin twin patterns, they shimmer or sparkle
* Mixed doubles will make areas appear and disappear
* Add a 'still' in the pattern holder and the rotating patterns will animate the still pattern, making leaves rustle, flames dance and stars twinkle!

TwinSpin™ rotates two 'B' size patterns in opposition to each other, at variable speeds and slides easily into the drop-in iris slot of a 6 inch ellipsoidal. You can see any combination of two GAM Patterns rotating together by clicking on "Virtual TwinSpin".

TwinSpin's™ compact 6-step power supply may be plugged into any 120VAC outlet (220V also available) to rotate patterns at 6-speed choices. It may also be controlled by any dimmer to stop, start, and vary the speed. The power supply is connected to the unit with a hard-wired 6 foot cord, and no additional cables are needed for the variable speed TwinSpin™.

Patterns are held in place with spring steel retaining rings, which hold them securely even when they are warped. Patterns can be changed easily. Glass pattern adapters are available in three sizes.

ROTATE ONE PATTERN When you use a single pattern in TwinSpin™, 'what you see is what you get'. The design you choose looks the same as it would if you placed it in a standard pattern holder - but motion is added. Rotating fast or slow, the single pattern can make a simple eloquent visual statement. It is effective as a downlight as well as projected on a cyc, scenery or on people.

TWO THE SAME When you project two patterns of the same design, TwinSpin™ rotates them in opposition to each other. The look you achieve is different from the original look of the pattern. It often has a shimmering or sparkling quality. High speed dazzles. Slow movement creates a mesmerizing, dream-like effect. Changing lens focus can change the appearance dramatically.

MIXED DOUBLES Two different pattern designs used in the TwinSpin™ create a new design-a-hybrid with its own unique visual expression. As the patterns turn, shapes change. Areas of light projection may appear and disappear. It is important to choose two compatible designs so that one doesn't block out too much light and cancel out the other. With mixed doubles, lens focus can emphasize one or the other or center on both.

ADD A 'STILL' You can place one or two patterns in the TwinSpin™, then add an additional design in the pattern holder of your fixture. The rotating pattern or patterns will animate the 'still'. With some experimenting, you can make leaves rustle, flames dance, stars twinkle.

Presently we only are listing the 120v version. If you are interested in the 230v version then please give us a call at 215-627-1225x2 or email us at for price and availability.
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