GAM Starstrobe Remote

GAM Starstrobe Remote
  • Item #: SS3110
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
A super bright, double lamp, curtain strobe in a rugged molded body with 8 foot power cord. Strobes at a random rate of approximately 60 flashes per minute. Speed may be varied by plugging unit into a dimmer. Self-contained, reliable, solid state circuitry.

The StarStrobe™ can hang from its cord or be permanently affixed to hard scenery. They are dazzling behind a scrim for star effects, or lining a proscenium or bandstand for eye-catching glitter. Color your StarStrobe™ by removing the cap and in-serting GamColor®.

Choose the remote controlla-ble model to program a sequence of strobe effects. StarStrobe™ has two xenon lamps for a brighter flash and the Double Header has four.

Also available in 230v. If required, please specify.
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Price $159.99
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