GAM SX4 Scenic Projection Fixture

GAM SX4 Scenic Projection Fixture
  • Item #: TS61##
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
The GAM SX4® system offers a choice of four Trays that snap into an ETC Source Four. The Loop Tray allows the use of over 30 GAM pattern loops for scenic projection. The Six-Gobo Tray uses any "M" size gobo. The Disc Tray uses an 8.5 inch Effect Disc.

The SX4® is fully modular, so that your Source Four can revert to a conventional ellipsoidal quickly and easily when needed. GAM can also supply a 575 watt HMI Source Four, offering three times the light output.

Built with the rugged demands of the theme park, retail and architectural markets in mind, the GAM SX4® offers amazing dependability and many options with hundreds of off-the-shelf effects as well as custom designs.

- Loop Tray -
Continuous moving effects (FX/Loop) projecting clouds, rain, snow, fire, water ripples, waterfalls; more than 35 off-the-shelf designs. Each FX/Loop can easily be mounted in the Loop Tray, offering many choices and much flexibility. Speed and direction can be controlled from the Loop Tray, with built-in speed control and direction switch. The speed of the effects can also be controlled when the Loop Tray is plugged into just about any dimmer, therefore cueing from your light board can be easily done. For display applications, simply plug it into the main power and set your speed and direction; no light board is required.

- DMX Loop Tray -
The DMX Loop Tray has all of the functions which are available on the conventional loop tray with the added feature that it can be controlled by a DMX signal. A DMX power supply is required and using a DMX signal you can control the Start, Stop, Speed and Direction of the effects loop. The DMX Loop Tray may also be operated stand alone from an AC signal using the on-board pre-programmed sequences. By adjusting the mode switches the pre-programmed sequence speed and direction can be varied. In the stand alone mode, no DMX signal is required, simply turning on and off the power will start and stop the operation.

- Disc Tray -
8-1/2 inch stainless steel disc with many off-the-shelf designs available. Custom discs are also an option. The Disc Tray offers long maintenance-free life, and is ideal for continuous duty operations such as displays and theme parks. The Disc Tray can be fully controlled with a DMX signal from your light board. For applications where a light board may not be available, there are built-in programs that will automatically sequence its programmed operation when it is turned on. The Disc Tray uses the same power supply as the GAM Indexing TwinSpin and is compatible with some popular power supplies.

- Six-Gobo-Tray -
Remote control any six "M" patterns, glass or metal. It can be fully DMX controlled and also has built-in programs for automatic pattern changes where a light board may not be available - ideal for display applications. Using the built-in programs you can select speed, direction, and lapsed time of pattern changes, and it will automatically sequence when power is turned on. The Six-Gobo-Tray uses the same power supply as the GAM Indexing TwinSpin and is compatible with some popular power supplies.

- Four-Gobo Tray -
Similar to Six-Gobo Tray, but for 'B' Size patterns.

Loop Tray Fixture comes with Single Transformer Power Supply.
DMX Loop Tray, Disc Tray, and Gobo Trays do not come with Power Supply. Power Supply sold separately.
Disc Tray SX4 comes with 1 Disc- if purchasing this unit we will call you to confirm which disc you want to be included.

Presently we only are listing the 120v version. If you are interested in the 230v version then please give us a call at 215-627-1225x2 or email us at for price and availability.
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