GAM Prismo

GAM Prismo
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  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
PRISMO™ animates your still pattern and it multiplies the image either three or five times depending upon your prism choice. The prism speed can be varied by plugging the PRISMO™ into any dimmer or using the sliding switch on its 6-step power supply. There's also an optional in-line speed control for more precise control. PRISMO™ easily fits into the 6 1/4 inch gel slot of your ellipsoidal spotlight with your color frame. Plug it into any dimmer and control it from your light board or plug it directly to a 120v or 230v line.

By changing focus your effect can be dramatically altered. Add color or split colors in the gel frame or you can also tape gel to the facets of the prism. Make your images dance, use it in a disco or a display to create visual energy and excitement. Multiply and animate a corporate logo at any special event. Use it with a TwinSpin™ for even more variation.

The PRISMO™ is available in 120 and 230v models and you can choose either a three or five element prism. They are easy to interchange if you would like to have both prisms available. Speed range of the PRISMO™ is from as slow as 0.875 rpm to as fast as 8.0 rpm. On special order faster and slower models are available. A long life continuous cycle unit, it is ideal for live shows, display, museums, theme parks or any event where you want to heighten visual excitement.

* Multiply and animate your image
* Variable Speed
* Speed Range from 0.875 to 8.0 rpm
* Supplied with either 3 or 5 facet prism
* Create multi-colored images
* 120v or 230v models
* Designed for continuous duty cycle

Presently we only are listing the 120v version. If you are interested in the 230v version then please give us a call at 215-627-1225x2 or email us at for price and availability.
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