GAM Naked Cosmetic Filter Rolls

  • Item #: GC# - Naked Cosmetics
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
naked cosmetics™ are designed for use on faces to modify skin tones. These subtle colors add natural beauty to your portraits without affecting the color of the entire scene. Use naked cosmetics™ to blend and enhance skin tones while masking undesirable undertones.

naked cosmetics can lessen the apparent difference between skin colors by adding a hint of color to compliment each subject. Add GamFusion™ to achieve the desired amount of softening for the light source required to achieve the final image.

naked cosmetics™ are primarily intended to be used on the people in your scenes. The backgrounds should have their standard lighting. Reference cards should be used in the normal manner, without the naked cosmetic™ color. Just add the cosmetic color in the scene where you need it.

The choice of which naked cosmetic™ to use depends on a few variables. Skin color of the subjects, costumes, make-up, the recording medium, the desired effect, and most important, your artistic taste.

naked cosmetics™ are part of the extensive family of genuine GamColor® deep dyed polyester color filters. Use alone or together with other shades of GamColor® depending on the desired effect or on the type of application.

Options for Roll Sizes:
- 24" x 50'
- 48" x 25'
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