GAM Heat Shield 99 Rolls

  • Item #: GC#99
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
EXTEND COLOR FILTER LIFE with GAM Heat Shield 99, a clear film that protects color filters (gels) from fading and warping due to prolonged exposure to high heat light sources. It's an effective and economical material that outperforms other products in its class, offering more value and superior protection.

GAM Heat Shield 99 provides a barrier for dispersing heat through airflow over its surface area. It also filters most of the ultraviolet spectrum from the light source, which is most detrimental to color.

UV PROTECTION AND HIGH EFFICIENCY The melting point of GAM Heat Shield 99 is 480°F (250°C).
HOW TO USE GAM HEAT SHIELD 99 Position GAM Heat Shield 99 between the light source and the color filter. Separate the two elements by approximately one inch (2.5cm), allowing air to flow between the two to dissipate heat.

Roll Sizes available:
- 24" x 50'
- 48" x 25'
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