GAM Film/FX FX Loops

GAM Film/FX FX Loops
  • Item #: TSLGAM-## Film/FX
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
FX Loop Patterns Available for the GAM Film/FX:
- TSLGAM-1 Fluffy Clouds
- TSLGAM-2 Fire/Waves
- TSLGAM-3 Streaky Clouds
- TSLGAM-4 Rain
- TSLGAM-5 Snow
- TSLGAM-6 Small Dots
- TSLGAM-7 Construction
- TSLGAM-11 Heavy Rain
- TSLGAM-15 Clouds
- TSLGAM-23 Diamonds
- TSLGAM-25 Moving Breakup
- TSLGAM-36 Thin Clouds
- TSLGAM-43 Waterfall
- TSLGAM-49 Heavy Snow

Note: Film/FX Loops are rated for 100 life hours in a lit fixture. For longer life applications the SX4 Film/FX generator have a lifespan of 2000-4000 hours.
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