GAM FUSION Filter Rolls

  • Item #: GC# - Diffusion
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
GamFusion® is a deliberate and carefully developed system of materials designed to alter the quality of the light beam. You may wish to soften the edges, spread the beam, diffuse the light, and/or reduce the intensity. Often it is necessary to eliminate or minimize shadows and/or to soften the lines of a face.

GAMPRODUCTS, INC. offers, for the first time, a logical and sequentially graded series of high temperature polyester diffusion materials.

GamFusion® starts with an almost imperceptible 'nearly clear' first step. This can be used to smooth the beam of an uneven spotlight without disturbing its normal hard edge. Each sequential step is progressively more diffuse. The most diffused, 10-90, is so dense that it reduces the light beam intensity by 85%. The 10-90 is ideal for light boxes and situations where the audience or camera might look directly into the light source.

10-10 and 10-20 can be used to soften the edge of a follow spot without loosing the edge, or use them to cover a window so the background will appear a little softer. Subsequent steps may be used to spread the beam of a light mounted too close to the subject. Stronger diffusions create a soft light quality when using a Fresnel lens spotlight.

Approximate percentage of light loss and f-stop will vary depending upon the instruments selected, the beam spread and distance.

Options for Roll Sizes:
- 24" x 50'
- 48" x 25'
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