GAM 2K Flicker Generator

GAM 2K Flicker Generator
  • Item #: SESPE 6
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
Edison or Stage Pin Connector

Available in 120v or 230v. Please specify when ordering.

Housing is constructed of 14 gauge aluminum with a black painted powder coat finish and built in carry handle. All knobs and input connections are recessed for safety. There are four knob controllers with white position pointer lines for the following functions:
SELECT-off/dimmer/flicker/strobe, speed-varies rate for flicker/strobe,
LOW LEVEL-to trim bottom output of flicker/strobe, and
DIMMER-to adjust output from 100% to 0% of voltage using a smooth square law dimmer curve.

Solid state dimmer electronics are fully filtered to minimize lamp noise. Front panel has remote female jack receptacle to connect optional remote control which can be either a simple closure switch or a 0 to 10 volt DC signal.
Two LED indicator displays for POWER and STATUS. Fuse is rear panel accessible. Power in/out pigtails are 8 inch long #12/SJO wire with machined aluminum strain relief housings.
Unit rests on 1/2in. high by 1in. diameter molded rubber legs, as manufactured by GAMPRODUCTS Inc., Hollywood CA.
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