Flame Safe Flamex WD - Wood

Flame Safe Flamex WD - Wood
  • Item #: 150 79WD 0128
  • Manufacturer: Rosco Laboratories, Inc.

Use Flamex WD to treat wood and cellulosic materials. Plywood, board stock, sheet goods, hay, acoustical tile and other common materials can all be rendered flame retardant with Flamex WD. After the Flamex treatment has dried fully, wood materials can be painted or stained without affecting the flame retardance.

Using Flamex WD
Rosco Flamex WD has been premixed and does not require any further dilution. The method of application and the amount of Flamex required for sufficient treatment varies with the materials in use.

One gallon of Flamex WD will treat approximately 150-200 square feet (14-18.5 square meters) of material.

Comes in 1 Gallon Size only.

Rosco's complete range of flame retardants serves virtually every need. The range includes products for treating a full spectrum of theatrical materials from non-absorbent synthetics to wood and the traditional natural fibers.

All products are approved by either the New York State Board of Standards and Appeals or the California State Fire Marshall and have been tested in accordance with the NFPA 701 and/or ASTM E-84 standards.

Each product is easy to apply to the substrate by either brush, spray immersion. These products are not appropriate for use on costumes or clothing where there is direct contact with skin. Flamex should not be used with metallic paints.
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