Field Template Rules!

Field Template Rules!
  • Item #: F T RULES!
  • Manufacturer: The Field Template
The Field Template" Rules! Stage Fixture Template reflects today's lighting manufacturers, including ETC, Altman, Selecon, along with current generic moving light fixtures.

Every symbol has:
Hanging weight
Cut color size
Beam spread information

The symbols are represented in:
And 3/8" scale

Why 3/8? When a 1/2" plot is too big, and a 1/4" plot is too small, all you have to do is print a 1/2" scale light plot at 75%. It?s 3/8" scale!

These scales, along with 3/16", are printed on the top and bottom of the template.

This Complete Compendium comes with three Pre-Punched Perforations to be Perfectly Placed into your All-Pervading Three-ring Binder, thus allowing it to act as a divider. (The template sticks above the top of the paper in the notebook.)

The latest for the professional designer!

Imperial Scale
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