ETC Source Four LED Tungsten

ETC Source Four LED Tungsten
  • Item #: S4LEDTS
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls
When developing the Source Four LED™ line of luminaires, ETC focused on making sure the light quality could stand up to the standards of the Source Four® brand. Source Four LEDs look and act like a traditional Source Four fixture, with sharp shuttering, smooth fades, clean edges, beam smoothness, and great shutter cuts. They also add in the superior color-mixing power of the Selador® x7 Color System™, resulting in a theater-worthy lighting tool.

The super-efficient Source Four LED Tungsten™ luminaire creates stunning warm-spectrum white light with a 3200K color temperature. The high-light-volume, low-energy fixtures replicate the light of conventional tungsten sources while requiring less power to run. Source Four LED Tungsten fixtures can be a stand-in for or used alongside tungsten units for large quantities of rich, warm white light.

Source Four LED luminaires are the same size as a traditional Source Four, so you can use them on a regular light rig without worrying about taking up too much space. Even at their compact size, they are incredibly efficient, with a better lumens-per-watt ratio than other, larger LED spots. And with a 50,000-hour lamp, you won’t spend time swapping out bulbs.

Intelligence comes standard. Drawing on ETC’s industry-leading experience with control systems, Source Four LEDs are outfitted with a user interface with convenient settings and modes to simplify work and customize fixture performance.

Source Four LED luminaires use the same barrel, accessories and lenses as traditional Source Four fixtures. Adding an ETC Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube) to a Source Four LED makes the beam even crisper for the best possible performance. All of the same EDLT lens options are available for the Source Four LED, along with an LED-only 50° tube.

-- Product Features --
* 60 Luxeon® Rebel LED emitters
* 50,000-hour LED life
* 3000K array for tungsten emulation
* Includes slots for glass or stainless steel patterns and soft focus diffuser
* Accessory slot for motorized pattern devices or optional iris
* Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
* Up to nine fixtures can be linked via power in/thru connectors per 15A circuit
* DMX512 in/thru via five-pin XLR connectors
* Multiple control options, including RGB, strobe, and console-free Master/Slave mode
* 15-bit virtual dimming engine for smooth fades and minimal color shift during dimming
* ETL Listed to UL1573; IP20 rated
* Available in black (standard), white or silver (optional) or custom fixture-body colors

With The LED revolution now taking over the Canonical Source Four Leko there are some new accessories that are built specifically to take advantage of the energy management of the LED S4:

* The Soft Focus Diffuser- It fits into a standard A-size pattern holder and delivers beautiful homogenized light when not in sharp focus. Also, use with patterns for dappled and blurry projections.

* The Smooth Wash Diffuser- It is used when extra-smooth blending of multiple Source Four LED luminaires is required. The smooth wash diffuser is placed into a gel frame slot of the lens tube.

* A 50 degree EDLT Lens Tube that is built specifically to maximize the optics of the LED Engine.

Fixture comes with the Source Four LED light engine with the shutter barrel assembly, Edison to PowerCon power input cord, C-clamp, Soft focus diffuser and an A-size pattern holder.

Note: Base LED Fixture does not ship w/ lens tube standard.

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