ETC Selador Desire D40 x7 Series

ETC Selador Desire D40 x7 Series
  • Item #: SELD40
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls

The Desire D40 luminaire combines 40 Luxeon® Rebel emitters onto one unit, for bright, efficient lighting. The PAR-shaped washlight is a multipurpose tool that can be combined into a rig with conventional fixtures or used by itself. The user-interface on the rear of the unit puts the control in your hands – Desire luminaires can be managed by any RDM-enabled controller or on their own.

Each fixture offers Quick Setup options, so you can quickly and easily adjust the luminaire’s performance. Stage, XT (Exterior)/Architectural, High-Impact, Studio and General settings further customize the light output for specific uses.

‘LED lighting doesn’t have to be ugly.’ That’s the philosophy behind the x7 Color System™ technology built into every Desire luminaire. While other LED fixtures on the market produce muted colors with a small range of hues and unnatural white light that makes everything look gray and washed out, Desire luminaires offer unprecedented color capabilities for beautiful, pure light. By combining up to seven LED colors per fixture, the x7 Color System creates a balanced blend of deep, saturated colored or natural white light. And with the Desire luminaires, you get even more color flexibility through the Adaptive Color Control system. There are five DMX profiles to choose from – Calibrated RGB, Calibrated HSI, Calibrated HSIC, Direct, and Studio – so you can decide how the luminaires will perform. The additional Red Shift option allows the Desire fixtures to mimic a tungsten fade, and the Plus 7 Mode gives you control over each LED color to increase or decrease individual colors. Using the built-in color-pickers on ETC lighting control consoles, you can pick a gel match for the Desire fixtures to produce, or you can modify the color to get the exact shade you want.

Desire D40 color arrays:

Vivid™ Desire D40 Vivid luminaires give you the broadest color range for spectrally-balanced saturated and tinted light. Able to match the color from your gelled tungsten sources, Vivid luminaires fit the bill when you need high-brightness light with bold impact. The x7 Color System array balanced for best all-around use as a color-changing wash fixture

Lustr®+ The x7 Color System is optimized in Lustr+ units to create clean white and tinted light, to bring out the beauty of set pieces, and render individual skin tones naturally. The Lustr+ LED array has been designed with six colors plus high-intensity white LEDs to create an ideal front light wash fixture for full range color, with an emphasis on lighter colors and white.

Fire™ and Ice™ Selador Desire D40 Fire and Ice fixtures offer extreme x7 color and maximum energy savings. Fire luminaires produce warm-spectrum light for smoldering reds, oranges and yellows, and Ice fixtures output intense blues, greens and purples.

* 40 LED color mixing wash fixture
* IP20-rated for indoor use
* Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
* User-friendly control interface with multiple modes and fixture settings

* Rugged die-cast all-metal housing
* Easy access slots for secondary lenses and standard 7.5” PAR accessories
* Available in black (standard), white or silver (optional) or custom colors
* Hanging yoke standard. Optional yoke/floor stand available

* 100VAC to 240VAC 50/60 Hz universal power input
* Neutrik power in and thru connections
* Up to 10 fixtures may be linked via power in/thru connectors per 15A circuit
* Requires power from a non-dim source

* Primary field angle of 17° and beam angle of 8°
* Secondary lenses available for multiple beam spread options
* Each fixture ships with a 25° lens; additional lenses must be ordered separately

* DMX512 in and thru via five-pin XLR connectors
* Multiple control options including RGB, strobe, and console- free Master/Slave mode
* 15-bit virtual dimming engine provides smooth, high quality theatrical fades and minimizes color shift during dimming
* RDM functionality for address and setting changes

* Ambient operating temperature of -4° to 104°F (-20°- 40°C)
* Active electronic thermal management for droop-free operation
* Noiseless, fan-free convection cooling for acoustically sensitive installations
* Fixture is designed for continuous operation up to 40°C ambient temperature and requires free flow of air around fixture housing

* General- For General Purpose Use.
* Stage - Duplicates color and dimming balance of tungsten stage lighting fixtures, including red shift.
* XT Arch - Provides a high degree of color consistency in high ambient temperature enviroments.
* High Impact - built for event lighting this mode enables quick response dimming curve, simple RGB and strobe channel for maximum effect usage.
* Studio - Enables three parameter control of white light.

Unit comes with power lead of your choice and basic yoke.

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