ETC Nomad Puck Console

ETC Nomad Puck Console
  • Item #: Nomad Puck
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls
Enjoy the concept of PC-based lighting control, but worry about the risk? Don’t want your laptop to walk away from a venue? Concerned that someone on your crew would try to play video games or browse the Internet when they should be programming? Then you need Nomad Puck™.

The ETC-provided and supported Nomad Puck mini-computer is locked down, so no software other than ETC applications can be installed, giving you peace of mind that your device is safe, secure and used only for your shows.

It’s like having two consoles in one. With Nomad Puck, you don’t have to choose between the Cobalt® and Eos®/Element™ families, because it runs both platforms. You get the best of both worlds, with the ability to quickly and easily switch from platform to platform. A small but powerful control device, Puck has two HDMI video ports (DVI adapters can be used if needed), one network port and three USB ports.

A hat trick of control. Nomad Puck can serve as a primary, backup or client device, and it can also work offline. When you use it as a primary or backup, its system output is determined by the device with the lowest output configuration. When it’s connected as a client, the output capacity of Puck is ignored.

Safety in numbers. Puck comes in two different output counts: Nomad Puck 512 (1 universe) and Nomad Puck 6144 (fully maxed out output count. The entry-level Nomad Puck 512 makes the perfect remote video interface for your tech table.

Puck communicates over the Ethernet-based lighting protocols Net3™/ACN/sACN and Artnet, or by the ETC Gadget™ USB-to-DMX converter. (Currently, Puck can support only one connected Gadget). RDM is supported via Net3 Gateways. Puck can be used with a fader wing, RFR (Radio Focus Remote), and iRFR and aRFR mobile apps for Apple® and Android® devices, and is compatible with OSC (Open Sound Control) controllers. While Nomad Puck is running the Cobalt application, it can also be connected to third-party USB-MIDI panels via Direct MIDI.

The functionality of Puck depends on which application is in use. More information about supported features and user-interface descriptions can be found in Cobalt, Eos-family and Element documentation.

Product features:
* A mini-computer supporting both Eos/Element and Cobalt software
* Available in 512 and 6144 outputs
* Serves as primary, backup or client and can be used offline
* Three USB ports, one network port and two HDMI video outputs included
* Net3/ACN/sACN and ArtNet output; DMX via ETC Gadget and DMX/RDM via Net3 Gateways Net3 Show Control and I/O Gateways, OSC and UDP triggers
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