ETC Element Lighting Control Console with Fader Control

Monitor not included
  • Item #: LMNT-##-###
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls
Based on ETC's heralded Eos control system, the Element Lighting console gives the user a more basic set of features that are ideal for smaller lighting rigs where operators control fader movements by hand. Ease of use, affordability and fundamental features are hallmarks in this self-contained console. Available in two versions with different fader counts, Element can be configured to support either 250 or 500 channels and two full universes of DMX output. 55

The Options are:
The Element 40 - 40 Faders that can be switched into Submasters.
The Element 60 - 20 Dedicated Submasters as well as 40 Faders that can be switched into submasters.

**The Big Details:
* Channel Faders - You can configure these True LTP faders for direct control or as cue submasters with or without stored edited cues. 20

* Submasters – Simple switch control converts 40 channel faders to submasters for live show playback. Choose the Element 60 when you want to add 20 dedicated subs to this configuration. 25

* Cue List – Create a single cue list with recorded cues and fade times where a GO button allows playback. You can also build greater cue time functionality into the list for complex transitions.

* Effects – Direct cue effect recording can be simply accomplished with the option for submaster loading for more spectacular lighting scenarios.

* Accessory, LED and moving-light controls – Single-button control enables on-screen ML Control visibility, which provides tool sets for control of basic small count fixtures like scrollers, gobo rotators and mirror heads. Adding colors to LEDs and fixtures is simplified with Color and Gel Picker tools while Intensity, Focus, Color and Beam Palettes allow storage of frequently used settings under self-labeled buttons. 

**The Right Space for the Element:
*Churches and educational settings where operation is accomplished by volunteers or a novice operator.
*Wherever conventional fixtures such as spots, PARs, Fresnels and other basic fixtures along with associated accessories are the predominate makeup of lighting setups.
* Wherever small-count LEDs and simple moving light setups are in use.30

** The Small Details:
*Supports up to 2 universes of DMX- 1024 Outputs
* 250 or 500 Channels
* 40 or 60 Fader versions, pageable as channel or submaster control
* Master Playback pair with 60mm faders, GO, STOP/GO BACK
* Intensity, Focus, Color and Beam Palettes
* Stepped, Relative and Absolute Effects
* Hue+Saturation Color Picker and Gel Picker for LED, CMY color mixing
* ETCNet2, Net3, ArtNet and Avab UDP network protocols
* Show import via ASCII from Obsession, Express, Expression, Emphasis, Strand 300/500
* I/O: local DMX512-A (2 output ports), MIDI In/Out, Ethernet
* Distributed DMX, MIDI, SMPTE and contact closure via Net3 Gateways
* 10,000 Cues
* 1 Cue List
* 4 x 1000 Palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam)
* 1000 Groups
* 1000 Effects (relative, absolute or step)
* 1000 Macros
* Supports two external DVI monitors or one VGA monitor at 1280x1024 resolution, with optional touchscreen control
* Hard Disk
* USB ports for flash drives, pointing devices, keyboards

***And so many other features and details we'll run out of space listing them all. We recommend you take a look at ETC's website to find all the info out about this New Console.

**Console Options:
*Element 40 250- 40 Switchable Faders w/ 250 Channels
*Element 40 500- 40 Switchable Faders w/ 500 Channels
*Element 60 250- 20 Dedicated Submasters and 40 Switchable Faders w/ 250 channels
*Element 60 500- 20 Dedicated Submasters and 40 Switchable Faders w/ 500 Channels

** Element Console Does Not Come with Monitor, Keyboard, or Mouse.
**If motorized accessories, LED fixtures or moving lights are to be used with an Element console, a mouse, trackball or touch screen monitor must be used.

***For those people who buy a 250 Channel Console and find they need a 500 channel console there is a 250 channel upgrade available for the 250 channel consoles. If so inclined please call the shop at 215-627-1225 x2 or email us at for pricing. Please note that the Element can only handle 500 Channels Max at this time. So you cannot upgrade a 500 channel console to a higher channel number- If you need more channels please look into ETC's Older Sibling Console "The Ion". Again call or email about pricing and options on the Ion.
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