ETC Dimmer Doubler

ETC Dimmer Doubler
  • Item #: 7060A1011
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls
Looking for a way to double your dimming control capacity without having to add to your dimmer inventory? Looking to cut in half the amount of dimmers you have to take on the road?

An ingenious device from ETC solves those lighting problems:
Dimmer Doubling (sometimes referred to affectionately but unofficially as multiplexing). The Dimmer Doubler allows two lighting fixtures to operate independently using only one dimmer. The two lighting circuits function independently, as if they were connected to separate dimmers.

Simply run one circuit from any 120V, 60Hz Sensor or Unison dimmer to a conventional outlet. Connect a Dimmer Doubler, and plug in two Source Fours with 77V HPL lamps.... That's it!

The two lighting circuits work as if each had its own assigned dimmer. Up to 50% fewer dimmers and far less cabling saves on equipment, labor and even shipping costs. It also saves on precious space in dimmer rooms and touring trucks. Dimmer Doubling is especially beneficial for facilities that need more circuit potential in their existing, limited wiring systems. Dimmer Doubling effectively doubles the quantity of circuits you already have without you having to alter or rewire your electrical facilities.

A Standard Dimmer Doubler comes with one 12" lead without connector and two 24" output leads each with a Dimmer Doubler connector (NEMA L5-15R.)
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