ETC Congo Kid Lighting Console

ETC Congo Kid Lighting Console
  • Item #: Congo Kid
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls

Congo Kid lighting console brings 40 faders to this complete yet portable lighting surface along with the same functionality as the Congo Junior. This console is ideal for big main stage shows as well as smaller performances by bringing a simplified control interface that can operate like sophisticated moving lights consoles. You have the functionality access of workhorse theatre lights coupled with advanced lighting elements like scrollers, LEDs and moving lights.

Commands can be quickly executed on this powerhouse console that also provides a special section for work/conductor lights, spots and smoke diffusers into an independent channel control console where other channels are unaffected. Programming information is front and center on the consoles screens and displays. Remote control of basic functionality on the Congo Kid is possible via smartphone and proprietary RFR hardware or you can have more complete control remotely with the iRFR iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad application.

ETC Congo Kid Lighting Console Features

  • Up to 1024 Outputs/Parameters (2 Universes of DMX512)
  • 256 or 512 Control Channels
  • Main Playback crossfader pair for theatrical-style sequence
  • 4 Encoders and ML/Softkey LCD display
  • High-density channel display with formats for channel sorting
  • Channel Layouts for topographical views of channels
  • Live Attributes display for spreadsheet view of moving lights
  • List Views and Editors for Presets, Groups, Palettes, Sequences
  • Dynamic Effects
  • Integrated Electronic Manual and Help system
  • Mouseless Navigation for tabbed graphical displays
  • Integral Alphanumeric keyboard for labeling
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Audio In*/Out
  • Net3/ACN, ETCNet2, Avab IPX and ArtNet network protocols
  • Show Import via ASCII (Safari, Expert, Pronto, Presto, Strand 500, Express/Expression, and Emphasis)

System Capacity

  • 1024 Outputs/parameters
  • 9999 Presets
  • 4x999 Palettes (Focus, Color, Beam, All)
  • 999 Groups
  • 999 Macros
  • 999 Sequences
  • 999 Master Pages
  • 999 Dynamic Effects Templates
  • Two monitors supported on 2xDVI and 1xVGA outputs
  • Hard Disk
  • USB ports for USB Flash drives, pointing devices, keyboards


  • 2 DMX512 Ports (RDM Ready)
  • Ethernet (Net3/ACN, ETCNet2, Avab IPX and ArtNet network protocols)
  • Contact Closure triggers through D-Sub connector
  • USB Multipurpose bus (multiple ports)
  • Phone Remote
  • MIDI In/Out (MIDI Timecode, MIDI Show Control)
  • Audio In*/Out
*Audio In not supported.
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